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Ryan McVay

Ryan McVay

The Modern American Surrealist
"Travel through surrealistic landscapes beyond imagination.  Tantalize your sensibilities as paint and canvas propel your mind through dream-scapes that inspire wonder and child like amazement."

ryan-carpicbio-small.jpg      Ryan McVay is quickly gaining notoriety as one of the eminent surreal painters of our time.  While versed in many mediums, including glass and wood, his paintings are gaining international attention for their fresh approach in a diverse array of motiffs.  Self taught and feeling no limitations.

     In 1977 the modern surrealist was born in Oregon.  The path Ryan McVay has taken is a non-conventional journey to success.  Ryan's artistic gifts were evident at an early age.  At the age of seven he began entering and winning art contests. Then Board sports became a major influence in his life, building his own skate/wake boards as early as Seven years old.  Spending most weekends with his family camping and enjoying the out doors,  Ryan also found inspiration through nature for his art.  Years of dedication to extreme sports and the Arts set the stage for Ryan's later years. 

    In High School Ryan's passion for art and athletics blossomed. His teacher allowed him the freedom of choice for his projects.  Without hesitation, Ryan spent his later two years of High School Art class in the attic painting huge paintings that later would be displayed in his School after graduating in 1995.  Also a film he produced for a class would be played for years as a model of technique and style.  

     While competing in snow board competitions across the Western United States in his early twenties, Ryan was introduced to Scientific Glass Blowing.  His art work began to gain notoriety , and through increasing art sales Ryan self funded his development as both an artist and athlete.  At this time Ryan became inspired by a place he considers a mekka for the arts Maui, Hawaii.  In 2003 Ryan moves to the Island of Maui to find inspiration and focus on his arts.


     On Maui Ryan continued to experience great success with his glass work.  Simultaneously, he worked privately, to the point of being secretive, in an area in which he had a great epiphany ...Surrealistic Painting.  Ryan chose not to share his paintings with the public as his budding creativity and imagination would fuel a vision; to create paintings unlike anything the world has ever seen.  With multiple series now finished Ryan has decided to share his paintings with the public.

     As a self taught artist in every medium, Ryan is shattering boundaries in all forms.  Ryan says "if it was not for the intense focus that glass blowing gave me I would have never advanced so far at painting."  Even though Ryan had spent nearly 2 decades painting, blowing glass demanded his attention to keep his freedom alive.  So only when he had full Artistic focus, would he paint.

     Today, as his paintings popularity expands, his patrons demand more work than he can produce.  Collectors of fine art have realized Ryan McVay's seminal works of art will stand the test of time, and they are becoming increasingly valuable.





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